Friday, May 5, 2017

from the wardrobetales rundholz repository (no. 20 04 19 17)

how many times can i fall in love? when it comes to rundholz clothes, the answer is: time and time again. i put on these trousers and i fell in love with them ... immediately. i put on this blouse and i fell in love with it ... immediately. i put on the top and ... you guessed it ... i fell in love with it ... immediately.

i am wearing rundholz dip s/s 2017 (blouse, top and trousers) and rundholz mainline s/s 2017 (shoes).


Karen Taylor said...

Adore the single colour, this grey and the orangey-red-bricky colour earlier too. I have always wondered how you take your photos, do you have a remote control or does someone else take them for you? You may have told us in a much earlier post if someone asked but I always ponder this. Looks like it is a permanently set up area of a room? Could you take a photo for us? I notice how they are always in the same place with the background the same each time. OK too if you don't want to do this of course :-)

wardrobetales said...

karen: sometimes colour calls out to me ... not too often ... but sometimes. to answer your question about my photo-taking, yes, i do always take the photo in the same place. it is the only place that i have found that works -- i live in a small place. it's my balcony. it isn't very exciting (i don't even manage to fill the planters ... despite my best intentions to do so almost every spring/summer). i am usually the one pressing the shutter button, using the timer on the camera. when i started the blog, i had a different camera and i sometimes took photos indoors, especially during winter. when i got my current camera, i couldn't make those "locations" work, so my "balcony shoots" became permanent.

Karen Taylor said...

Thanks for sharing that with us I am sure I am not the only one who has wondered about it :-D. I really like that you use the same set up for your shots - aka 'The Balcony'