Wednesday, November 18, 2015

fond of round specs pullover

a couple of weeks ago, i went shopping for new glasses. i don't need new glasses, but it has been some time since i updated my glasses wardrobe. i found two contenders. both perfectly round specs, one pair small and one pair large, the frames clear plastic. because i couldn't decide between the two*, i decided to proscrastinate instead, meaning to wait until either i could decide between the two or i could afford both.

*i am very (very) fond of round specs of all sorts and am in possession of several pairs (frameless, (one pair vintage, one pair "new"), medium sized black plastic frames, medium sized grey horn frames (vintage these), medium sized walnut faux horn frames and large (think Harry Potter) walnut faux horn frames). i want all the round specs i can get my hands on! hmmm. sounds a lot like me and dotty clothing.

i am wearing the notting hill top and the cool pant by kaliyana. my pullover is by grizas.  i am wearing the mondrian shoe (closed collection) by trippen.


Karen Taylor said...

Gidday, I really enjoy your blog and look forward to every post. Can you do a post with you and your glasses? I ask partly because I am interested in what you like but also I have been told I need glasses so am interested from that perspective. I also love round glasses.

wardrobetales said...

thanks, karen. i will do my best to remember to keep my specs on in a (not too distant) future post!