Monday, October 26, 2015

an ode to the past ... outfit

have i mentioned that, recently, i decided to be adventurous and order some items from across the pond? no? well, then, let me mention that, recently, i decided to be adventurous and order some items from across the pond. one of these items was a pair of rundholz dip trousers. this little adventure was thanks to my craziness. i had purchased locally a rundholz dip top and i simply had to have rundholz dip bottoms to match it. (in my crazy opinion) nothing suitable was available locally. so i went in search of the perfect match online -- the only kind of online dating that i have engaged in to date. lo and behold, i found the perfect match: a pair of beautiful trousers. into my shopping cart they went and off to checkout i went. so far, so good. then ... i pressed the "buy" button, and ... the purchase was rejected! limbo. now what? less than an hour later, i received an email from the shop asking me what i wanted to do: did i want to have an invoice issued to me for another method of payment? did i want the order to be cancelled, so that i could try again? what did i want to do? decision made, i responded, selecting the second option.  again, less than a hour later, i heard back from the shop: the order would be cancelled right away. goody, goody. because, now, i really needed those trousers. how long would i have to wait. yet again, less than a hour later, the order had been cancelled and i, again, plucked the trousers from the virtual clothing rack and proceeded to checkout. this time, success with payment. yay! now, i settled in for "the wait" (delivery). less the two weeks later, the trousers arrived in my mailbox. they are perfect and i am happily wearing them (to stick with my earlier reference to online dating -- engagement and marriage). the second item that i ordered from across the pond was a pair of trippens. for this adventure, i have one of my readers to thank. in this case, when i pressed the "buy" button, i had no idea just how adventurous i was going to be. a couple of days after i had placed my order, i learned (via email) that the trippens that i had thought i was buying were out of stock. so i was given a choice, cancel the purchase or have the trippens specially made for me. well, i figured that, since i had already jumped into the pool, i might as well swim. so i asked for the trippens to be specially made for me. a day or so later, i got an "okay, will do". then i settled in for "the wait". two weeks later, i heard that my trippens had been shipped. now it remains to be seen whether they will make it across the pond to my doorstep. and, whether they will be exactly (or even remotely close to) what i was expecting. i will let you know how things turn out. if things work out with the trippens, i may never shop locally again. just kidding!

i am wearing the amanda top and the odyssey pant by kaliyana. my boots are the pluto boot (closed collection) by trippen.

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Jazzy Jack said...

Wow! You are dedicated to your art!
Can't wait to see! Jazzy Jack