Friday, June 26, 2015

the "you wouldn't wear that to work, would you?" jacket

the best way to get me to wear something into a particular work environment is to suggest that it might not be appropriate for that work environment. i take that to be a challenge.

i am wearing the edi dress, the mondo top and the olivia jacket by kaliyana. my boots are the pluto boot (closed collection) by trippen.


Jessica said...

Fantastic shapes here! It's interesting what you say about the jacket, I would have thought it the least non-work type piece you have on. I mean, one could pair it with plain neat black trousers and a white button-front shirt, and end up with a regular office outfit - albeit one with a really great jacket. The other pieces read to me as being more outfit-defining, and thus more daring in terms of work-wear.

Brenda said...

Hello, We wear the same brands and many of the same items, you and I. So clearly, I think you're stylelicious :). I also appreciate your particular gift for selecting the most absolutely fantastically perfect footwear for each outfit.

Do you ever order Trippen from their website? The Trippen selection is far more limited here in Vancouver than it is in Toronto, so it's a pleasure to be able to purchase every style they offer. Even after shipping costs, they always cost less than what I pay here (and by ordering one pair at a time, I've never been dinged for customs, duties, taxes, or import fees).

Thank you for documenting your evolution in style and attitude. Your blog amuses me, makes me happy, and brings a smile to my heart.

wardrobetales said...

brenda: i have yet to try ordering from trippen directly. which somewhat surprises me, because i am not shy when it comes to online shopping. i need to figure out what is holding me back. it would be great to have so much choice! and thank you so much for your very kind words!

Brenda said...

I’ve a few more kind words for you :)

Clothing-wise, there are very few original people to be found anywhere anymore, but your unencumbered individuality, sense of adventure, and fearlessness about dressing creatively are all qualities that transcend fashion and put you in a league of your own.

Looking back over your blog entries from the earliest ones until now, I appreciate being able to trace the arc of your sui generis style and observe how you’ve continually adapted the framework and point of view of your wardrobe within the framework of your life.

Maybe you’ve always known that you don't have to look like everybody else, or maybe you came to recognise this over time. And perhaps, like me, you’ve also always known -- and have learned to accept -- that you do not have to think like anybody else when it comes to getting dressed, or anything else in life.

As Frieda Loehmann (the legendary woman who founded Loehmann's in NYC) once told Iris Apfel, “You have something better than beauty, you have style.” This definitely applies to you as well, Wardrobe Tales.

wardrobetales said...

brenda: thank you for the further kind words. you made me think about how i came to "walk my own path" where clothing is concerned. two periods in my life stand out: my mid-teens, when i think i was desperate to fit in and dress like everyone around me, and my late teens, when i entered uni and started down my own path (probably in more ways than just how i dressed). at some point in between those two periods i think i realized that it was just too much work to try to be someone that i wasn't. it was easier to search inside myself and express that person than to try to figure out whatever the reigning style culture was all about and try to conform to that.

Sonia said...

I Love your style! It works superbly with Trippen shoes (which I also love, yet I don't own any yet)...


wardrobetales said...

thank you, sonia!