Wednesday, May 28, 2014

box companion tunic

everyday events sometimes put a smile on my face. recently, i decided that i needed a garment steamer. so, one day, after work, i headed to a c~ t~ -- one convenient to a bus line servicing an area close (very close) to where i live so i wouldn't have to lug it too far if i did get one -- to see if one could be had (one of good quality at a reasonable price). there were many to be had. after selecting one and purchasing it, i headed out of the store to the bus stop. before too long, i was joined by a "box companion", someone who had purchased a window air conditioner at the store. he plopped his box right next to mine and, together, in silence, we waited for the bus. soon enough, the bus arrived. we entered the bus, me proceeding him, and placed our boxes and ourselves side by side on the bus. we travelled in silence. he reached his destination before i did and that was the end of it. we never spoke a word to each other, but, somehow, i feel we made a connection. a shared moment of big box purchases being transported home via public transit. everyday events like this put a smile on my face.

i am wearing the seattle tunic, the square jacket and the tunnel skirt by kaliyana. my boots are the rectangle boot (closed collection) by trippen.

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Jessica said...

Ah-ha! The big box shopping and the stranger on the bus! Apparently Iz was reading backwards...