Tuesday, December 31, 2013

sometimes no. 3

photo no. 1: the dress i am wearing here came from a store that sells clothing that doesn't usually excite me. (a friend suggested a way that i might curb my seemingly non-stop shopping: only go into stores that sell clothing that doesn't excite me. well i guess that didn't work! i always say that i can find something that i like pretty much everywhere.) i am also wearing an old preloved sweater vest. (i got some new preloved stuff recently. i don't usually go for any of the preloved spring/summer stuff. but the autumn/winter stuff, i usually buy at least one piece each year, going back to when i first discovered preloved some years ago.) my bottoms are by hue. (my collection of bottoms by hue keeps growing! everytime i see them in a new colour, i scoop them up. i recently got a faux leather pair!)

photo no. 5: i am wearing new chelsea boots by john fluevog. (the moment i put them on i realized why it is a good idea to replace old footwear, even if the old footwear still looks good: comfort, support, cushioning and bounce. all of which is nowhere to be seen ... or felt ... in old footwear. still, i am going to hang on to some of my old footwear. particularly my vintages vogs!)

photo no. 6: i am wearing a new shrunken pullover (zara) with one of my old little plaid dresses.

photo nos. 7 and 8: i am wearing a favourite outfit from last year: a gap shirt with an h&m tie; a wrap cardi from anthropologie; a golden pullover from club monaco; a bustle skirt by bunny and pear; hue trousers; and fluevogs.

photo nos. 9 to 13: the "i really, really want them" new sorels make it out of the closet ... in both their colours.

photo no. 14: i am wearing new star struck jeggings from h&m (not as comfortable as hue jeggings, but i couldn't resist -- i was struck by -- the star pattern). these jeggings bring to mind (at least to my mind) fireworks. with fireworks in my mind, i bid good-bye to 2013 and an "until we may meet again" to this type of dress.

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Jessica said...

If you have a good cobbler, sometimes a new sole can go a surprisingly long way in making old boots comfy. My favourite ones came back last year, comfier than they had been when brand new. But also, thank you for reminding me that I do, in fact, deserve new shoes when my old ones are not comfortable!