Wednesday, November 6, 2013

i saw it, i wanted it and now here it is ... dress

some time ago, i may have mentioned that i spotted, on the kaliyana website, a plaid dress. upon seeing it, i thought, "omg! plaid and kaliyana. two loves brought together. a dream come true." of course, the dress didn't materialize in the store right away. and i was told that it wasn't a kaliyana piece either. so it seemed like the dream might just be a dream. but then, a month or so later, there was the dress in the store. true, it wasn't a kaliyana piece. but, hanging there on the rack, it was gorgeous. although not technically the dream coming true, i still think of it as the dream coming true.

i am wearing the alpen top (a/w helsinki collection), the vanessa top (a/w reykjavik collection), the square jacket (a/w reykjavik collection) and the 3-d skirt (a/w nagano collection) by kaliyana. my dress is by grizas. my boots are the rectangle boot (closed collection) by trippen.

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