Thursday, October 31, 2013

the long and the short of it skirt (and a new winter coat)

i think that i have tried to demonstrate the versatility of this skirt before. but this demonstration seemed so much better than that previous one that i thought it worthwhile repeating myself. (in case you are wondering, i didn't wear the two outfits on the same day but on two consecutive days.) .... and i got a new winter coat. the label actually classifies it as a jacket -- probably because it lacks a lining -- but i am inclined to think of it as a coat. at least for now. maybe when i find myself deep in the heart of winter, i will reconsider this position and accept that it is a jacket, to be worn with a "true" coat.  in any event, i know that it isn't officially winter yet, so it may be a bit early to be talking about winter coats, but it has certainly been cold enough where i live to warrant bringing out this new acquisition. (as a teaser ... i also got a new, deep in the heart of winter, winter coat. a down-filled one. it has some asymmetry to it. and it's black. but not cold enough to wear yet.)

i am wearing the ball skirt (s/s corfu collection) and the alpen top, pelican top and long tight pant (a/w helsinki collection) by kaliyana. my jacket is by grizas. i am wearing the rectangle boot (closed collection) by trippen.

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