Monday, April 15, 2013

forest green jumper dress

remember the tv series felicity? i have been watching it (again). there is a scene, in the first season, in which noel goes into the library lounge and asks meghan if she has seen felicity. meghan responds that she hasn't and adds something like, "everyone that i have seen in here has been pretty well dressed". that line struck a chord with me. it reminded me that i don't have to be well dressed, by anyone's standards, including my own, every day ... or ever, for that matter. so the days of not being well dressed begin. i can honestly say that i have never been more excited about getting dressed.

i am wearing an old shirt with an old tie from urban outfitters. my jumper dress is by kaliyana. my woollen cardi, woollen vest and linen trousers are by susan harris design (some old, some new). i am wearing an old beret from american apparel and old boots by cydwoq.

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Jessica said...

Oh dear, I am afraid I must say that in my opinion it appears to be impossible for you not to be well dressed. I am sorry to read occasionally that you feel an outfit was not to your liking, I can honestly say that I have liked every single one so far, and thus feel pretty confident in saying that in my eyes you appear to be invincible in the wardrobe dept, incapable of creating a bad outfit.