Friday, June 8, 2012

all sharp edges and angles dress

the look:

blouse - april cornell
dress and jacket - kaliyana
hat - old nine west
shoes - old john fluevog

the tale:

after work today, i went into another local arts and crafts import shop (i.e., not the one that i usually frequent and purchase clothes from). this other shop carries more clothes than my usual shop. but it is a bit less convenient to get to than my usual shop, so i don't usually make the effort to visit the shop anything close to regularly. and, truth be told, the clothes aren't quite as interesting as the ones that i find in my usual shop. that said, today, i found the most interesting style of jumper dress there. i didn't get it, but i am seriously considering returning there and given the jumper dress a try. (there was also a nice blouse there. so while i am there, i might also give the blouse a try as well. i might as well right?)

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