Sunday, October 1, 2023

week 39 archive look: the last time ...

as i was putting on this coat, i thought, "this may have been the last time that there was a dip collection with big pockets. and i wasn't lucky enough to get lots of pieces with big pockets that time either." then something unusual happened. some of the pieces with big pockets from the current collection that i had been hoping to acquire but thought that i had missed out on suddenly surfaced (or is it resurfaced?) in my size. i didn't hesitate to scoop them up. i will be wearing them soon -- after we get through an autumn heat wave where i live. (this outfit is from the week just ended. it was perfect early autumn weather and this outfit was perfect for the weather. i will be wearing the more summer-like autumn/winter clothes in my wardrobe this week.)

i am wearing rundholz dip 220 (dress), rundholz dip 217 (coat) and rundholz 216 (boots).

Monday, September 25, 2023

week 38 archive looks: here we go again

it's here! and, for me, truly, it is the most wonderful time of the year. fall. autumn. beginning some new adventures this fall. and, as far as clothes go, i am hopeful that i will finally achieve a goal that i set for myself (i want to say a few seasons ago) -- being more minimalist, deliberate and thoughtful in my selections. i have had a few false starts in achieving this goal, but i never gave up on it.

i am wearing rundholz dip 214 (dress), rundholz 216 (boots), rundholz dip 220 (top, trousers, overalls and jackets) and rundholz dip 123 (sneaker boots). 

Saturday, September 23, 2023

week 38 new looks: not on trend, don't care

it may not be on trend to wear dresses over jeans, but i simply do not care. i have never been on trend. or cared about being on trend. i want to walk my own path.

i am wearing rundholz 123 (all clothes) and nike (high tops). 

Saturday, September 16, 2023

week 37 new looks: 219 feels

this may be 123, but it was giving me 219 feels. on a 223 note, i have been feeling somewhat wistful the past few days having missed out on getting some new trousers and jackets that i had been coveting. i would have even settled for one pair of trousers and one of the jackets (matching the trousers of course). not the first time i have had this experience. and it certainly won't be the last. and most of the time it turns out to be for the best.

i am wearing rundholz dip 123.

Saturday, September 9, 2023

week 36 new looks: last of the brights and transitioning

this week there were several days of very hot and humid weather. an opportunity to wear the last of my new summer brights.* then the heat and humidity went away. and i fell back on wearing what (over the past two or so years) i have come to see as my transition outfits. outfits that i will wear either in april -- to transition from an autumn/winter to a spring/summer wardrobe -- or in september -- to transition from a spring/summer to an autumn/winter wardrobe. i rely a lot in these months on denim pieces or "sweatshirt" pieces. in my mind, these pieces are "seasonless".

*in truth, there may be more hot and humid weather ahead -- where i live one isn't entirely free from the possibility of heat and humidity until the end of october. but it isn't likely that i will be drawn towards summer brights (or even summer clothing) as the end of september approaches. in fact, the moment september begins, i feel a bit alien wearing summer clothing, no matter the weather.

i am wearing rundholz dip 123 (all aqua clothes, blue print sneakers and long black tank top), rundholz 123 (remaining clothes) and nike (high tops).

Sunday, August 27, 2023

week 34 archive looks: not all equal

i adore rundholz dip ... obviously. but among the rundholz dip collections from which i have been lucky enough to acquire pieces over the years, i have my favourites. there are also favourites pieces. not always coming from favourite collections. wearing one of my favourite pieces here -- the dress. (it also happens to be one of my earliest purchases.)

i am wearing rundholz dip 115 (dress), rundholz dip 120 (top, net dress, hoodie and trousers), rundholz mainline 121 (shoes) and rundholz dip 123 (high top sneakers).

Saturday, August 26, 2023

week 34 new looks: 5 seconds

sometimes a new outfit only lasts about 5 seconds on my body before i manage to get food or drink on it. (usually yogourt, chocolate, jam, blackberries or some food with oil in it -- pasta with tomato sauce or dressed salad. occasionally, i spill tea.) usually, the lighter in colour the outfit is, the greater the chances of this happening -- perhaps this is why i have come to prefer dark coloured clothing. this week, though, it was the darker coloured clothing that became magnets for misfortune. the green jumper was one of this week's victims. some black clothing were this week's other victims -- although they weren't subjected to a food or drink attack, rather they were caught in a downpour (the clothing survived, but the shoes that i was wearing may not make it -- they are still being cared for). it really was not such a good week for my wardrobe.

i am wearing rundholz dip 123 (all clothes and spring sneakers) and rundholz dip 121 (green sneakers).