Friday, January 19, 2018

from the wardrobetales rundholz repository (no. 20 01 01 18)

i have decided that if i can put together even one new outfit per week, i am doing okay.

am wearing rundholz mainline a/w 2017 (pullover and boots), rundholz black label a/w 2016 (trousers and jacket) and rundholz black label a/w 2015 (dress).


Jan said...

Absolutely stunning. That sweater is a museum piece (along the lines of Yohji Yamamoto and Junja Watanabe designs). Also, I truly admire the way you combine various seasons together so seamlessly. And, yes, yes, yes please: a new outfit each week to post for us Wardrobe Tales Rundholz groupies!
Thanks as always for posting,

theoldvicarage said...

i have this jumper...divine. You put the pieces together so well...#inspiration

Valerie said...

I love this outfit.