Thursday, August 24, 2017

from the wardrobetales rundholz repository (no. 20 08 16 17)

a week or so ago, i rearranged my "closets". (i say "closets" because i have multiple locations in my place where i store clothing. sadly, for me, i don't have one "storeroom" where all my clothes, shoes, bags, etc. reside). i used to store my "wardrobe" by season (a/w and s/s) and within seasons by colour. if i had multiple "seasons" of one label (within a season), these were not stored separately. the recent reorganization was driven by the fact that, now, i own mostly rundholz clothing (very little else) and mostly black rundholz clothing. so here is how my "wardrobe" is now arranged: by "rundholz season" -- all s/s 2017 is together, regardless of colour, all a/w 2016 is together, regardless of colour, all s/s 2016 is together, regardless of colour, etc., all the way back to s/s 2014. maybe it's irrational, but i feel like, now, it is so much easier to get dressed.

i am wearing rundholz mainline s/s 2017 (shoes) and rundholz black label s/s 2017 (dress).


Jan said...

Hi. This is very inspiring and seems like an interesting system: one that may provoke one's sartorial choices to consider more than "weather" or "season," and to "curate" a wardrobe or individual outfit in relation to history and the evolution of design(s).
Out of curiosity (and as a fellow clothes "curator" who often has trouble "editing" out), what
have/will you do with the clothes that fall outside the Rundholz repository: storage, re-sale, donation? I could use some inspiration in that department ;^) Thanks! Jan

wardrobetales said...

jan: so far, the clothes outside the rundholz repository have been their own set of drawers. i am not ready to part company with them just yet!

Jan said...

It is so difficult parting with these things, isn't it? I know I shouldn't succumb to the pressures of "Wardrobe Purgers." Still, as closets fill, I can't help but feel twinges of guilt especially concerning clothes I haven't worn in some time. I did try establishing a new "rule" for myself: only one outfit per season from Rundholz. But I've already broken my own rule with this F/W collection!

wardrobetales said...

jan: parting is difficult! i used to be somewhat better at it. then i had a few occurrences of parting with things that later would have turned out to have been useful ... had i kept them. so now i err on the side of keeping things a bit longer. i have to say that i am loving this a/w rundholz collections. i can appreciate how easy it would be to break a rule of only one outfit!

JEB said...

I love your blog,and I'm always fascinated how you seem to have the best Rundholz pieces!I live in London and it's impossible to find really good pieces, especially jackets and this season has sold out of xl.