Wednesday, April 12, 2017

from the wardrobetales rundholz repository (no. 20 03 31 17)

trying to eke out as much wear as possible from the a/w 2016 rundholz black label collection ... before i do a deep dive into my s/s 2017 selection. not (sadly) that the weather is making this hard to do.

i am wearing rundholz black label a/w 2016 (dress, tunic, leggings and boots) and rundholz black label s/s 2017 (coat).


Karen Taylor said...

I have always been curious what you do for a job (sorry that sounds so inelegant.. ). I am trying to find the post in my inbox where you talk about marching to your own beat sartorially at work - which we adore - but cannot find that post as I am hunting through :-)

wardrobetales said...

karen: i have a "corporate job" in the not-for-profit sector. there is certainly room for creativity in dress in my "industry", but i probably push it a little. when i have conversations about "fitting in", i usually end up saying that how i present myself is so much a part of who i am that i think it would kill me inside to conform. at the end of day, i haven't wanted anything so bad that i was willing to forfeit being true to myself.

Anonymous said...

It's good to hear you say that you need to be true to yourself. I admire your style. In these conformist times I feel like such an outsider when I dress for myself.