Monday, May 30, 2016

from the wardrobetales rundholz repository (no. 20 05 18 16)

the other day, i did something usual, something that i haven't done for some time. i shopped for footwear in a big, fairly high-end department store. it was such a disappointment. not only because i came away empty-handed. but also because, that i was going to have no success in getting what i wanted, was communicated to me in seconds. it used to be that the sales person would disappear off the sales floor for some minutes to check if a desired shoe was in stock in my size. because of the time it took for the sales person to return to the sales floor, it felt like something real was actually happening behind the scenes, that real efforts were being made to locate the desired shoe in my size. now, the sales person checks his or her hand-held computer right in front of me and in mere seconds tells me that the desired shoe in my size is not available. i know that this is intended to enhance the shopping experience. but, somehow, it felt so unsatisfactory. or maybe it's just me. incidentally, since that bricks and mortar shopping experience, i managed to locate the desired shoe in my size from an online retailer. i haven't bought it ... yet.

i am wearing rundholz black label s/s 2015 (top and pullover), rundholz black label s/s 2016 (boots) and rundholz s/s 2016 (boots).


Anonymous said...

Haven't commented for awhile, but still enjoying all your posts. Love the shapes and angles on this look.

wardrobetales said...

thank you!