Wednesday, March 2, 2016

when the excitement fizzles out skirt

the other day, i was wearing what i would call a tried-and-true outfit -- one that has seen many wears*. although i am still fond of the outfit and happy wearing it, i find myself no longer excited about wearing it. it feels like i have been seen in the outfit so many times and ... well ... maybe it hasn't lead to the understanding of me that i thought it would lead to. my desire for new clothes isn't so much about having another new thing as much as it is about having a new way to present myself to the world. i think that, deep down, one of the few things that every person wants from everyone around him or her is to be understood. different people go about telling their stories in different ways. for me, clothing is very definitely a means of expressing myself. perhaps when i feel i am truly understood will be the day when i will no longer need that next new piece of clothing.

*to be clear, i am not talking about the outfit pictured in this post.

i am wearing the alpen top, the brasilia dress, the amazing skirt and the tokyo hat (with added pin) by kaliyana. my pullover is by grizas. i am wearing the noon boot (box collection) by trippen.


Cara said...

Hi - thank you for putting into words my exact feelings on dressing.

Jean at said...

I can relate what you say here. It's definitely a mood thing and it's frustrating when it no longer speaks for you. I have a lot of hit-or-miss days, but even when I get a temporary "uniform" right for a few weeks, I get bored and want to be someone else. Then there's the struggle to get that right.

That's one of the reasons I returned to sewing, and particularly to upcycling. Besides the sustainability aspect, there is my bank account to consider. :-)

The look you're embracing now is one I've loved since I first discovered Commes Des Garcons in the 80's. I always swerve back in some way. I had a pair of Docs then and a pair now. Your Trippens are always fabulous. I live in Atlanta GA, and I fantasize about moving to Canada so I could wear boots most of the year. Also because of the politics, but that's depressing to talk about.

I have a friend in this cadre of seniors, and thought this might be enjoyable. I like Lana Turner's words.

Have a great week.

wardrobetales said...

thank you, cara.

wardrobetales said...

jean: thank you for the link to the article on ari seth cohen's photos. i am vey familiar with the advanced style blog. i like the words of many of the women (and men) photograhed!