Wednesday, September 30, 2015

the secret wardrobe life of wardrobetales no. 9 (rundholz edition)

last day of the month. time for another glimpse at my secret wardrobe life. i know that i have said this before but i can't help but say it again. i am more likely to reach for rundholz pieces than any other clothes when i am transitioning from one season to another. i find them so "layer-able".

i am wearing rundholz (dip and black label). my footwear is by john fluevog.


Jessica said...

I am interested in why you put these outfits in groups in a big post instead of integraoing them on a daily, chronological basis. Such lovely garments!

wardrobetales said...

jessica: there is a bit of a story behind these group posts. i started the blog because (for a variety of reasons) i wanted to archive my outfits. throughout the years that i have been blogging, i have been very good at posting all my outfits. about a year or so ago, i decided that i needed some "off blog" time. i needed some time when i could just wear clothes and not be some project (even of my own doing). not too much into my "off blog" experiment, i realized that, with an "off blog" wardrobe life (particularly one that was quickly becoming preoccupied with rundholz clothing), i was straying away from documenting my wardrobe, i was giving up on my project. at that point, i had two options, shut down the blog (give up on the project) or find a way to include my "off blog" wardrobe into the blog. these group posts -- what i came to call the "secret wardrobe life of wardrobetales" -- became how i decided to incorporate my "off blog" life into the blog. i collect images of my "off blog" outfits over a period of time and then post them when i feel i have a sufficient number of them. i feel like this gives me some time away from the project while still keeping the project alive. a win-win situation, i like to think.

Jessica said...

I see! Sounds like a great solution for you, as well as producing these lovely indulgent posts-of-many-outfits for us, your readers. Thanks for explaining the why behind it.