Saturday, April 25, 2015

the secret wardrobe life of wardrobetales no. 6 (rundholz edition)

i have been wearing rundholz -- some old and some new -- quite a bit lately. it just feels like a safe transition (from one season to the next) wardrobe for me. (come to think of it, i think that i wore rundholz quite a bit when i was transitioning from this past fall to this past winter.) putting aside the fact that rundholz seems to be my current safe transition wardrobe, here is what i think makes for a safe transition wardrobe ... speaking "generically": it is one with enough new new season pieces that you can wear immediately, making you feel like there is movement from the old season to the new season, but with enough old old season pieces (that you love) that you can fall back on when progress to the new season halts and you find yourself suddenly back in the old season.

all my clothes are rundholz (black label). my boots are by john fluevog (kind of hooked on these boots for some reason).

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Jessica said...

The degree of variety here within the Rundholz labels is impressive. All the clothes look great.