Sunday, March 8, 2015

winter w(h)ine cardi

here is something unusual ... for me. not wanting to shop for spring/summer clothes even knowing that they have arrived in stores*. what is behind this? simply put, i don't want to shed the minimum five layers of clothing that i am still wearing to keep warm to try on any spring/summer clothes** (i even struggle to shed the five layers at night just to change into night clothes). this being the case, why even bother going to the stores?

*i am here talking about bricks and mortar stores and shopping in such stores. online shopping is a whole different story.

**isn't trying on clothes synonymous with shopping for clothes? can one truly shop for clothes if one doesn't try them on?

i am wearing the alpen top, the delphi scarf, the tokyo hat and the square jacket by kaliyana. i am also wearing a jumper dress and trousers by grizas (via kaliyana). my boots are the rectangle boot (closed collection) by tripped. 

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Sue said...

The worst part about trying on clothes in Winter is stripping off! Unless you know the fit of something really well you do have to go try things on. I buy lots of clothes online but only stuff I know the fit. Love that Wine colour on you. Summer is heading your way soon, and I will be getting Winter.