Tuesday, February 17, 2015

spotted trousers

sometimes when i shop (in a bricks and mortar store), this happens to me: i am all set to go, the shop clerk is tallying up my total, when something happens to give me more time to "keep shopping" (as they say in the online shop world). i got these spotted trousers on such an occasion. the funny thing with the purchase of these spotted trousers was that i had actually gone through every piece of clothing on every rack in the store before heading to the check out. or so i thought. because i didn't (caution: accidental pun ahead) spot the trousers on my first go-through of the racks. luckily i did (caution: accidental pun ahead) spot them when i was given the opportunity to "keep shopping". serendipity i would say.

p.s. i want a dress made of this spotted fabric!

i am wearing the alpen top and tokyo hat by kaliyana. i am also wearing a woollen pullover by rundholz (black label). my dress and trousers are a local label (motion). i am wearing the scope boot (box collection) by trippen.


Sue said...

Well of course I love those pants on you, they have SPOTS!!! Well spotted!!

wardrobetales said...

thanks, sue.