Tuesday, January 13, 2015

the warmest sweater ever ... sweater

every autumn/winter i get the urge to return to my buzz cut days. when i have told my hairstylist of this urge in the past, his usual response has been to ask why now? (recently, he has also been telling me that if i were to succumb, he would kill me -- which i know he doesn't mean for he and i work so well together.) i know that i get this urge in autumn/winter (as opposed to spring/summer) because i think it is easier to wear hats with a buzz cut (particularly with my very fine hair, which gets flattened to my head by a hat -- not a very flattering look). i have stuck with my hair "look" now for about two years, letting the "top know" just grow. since i first chopped my once-upon-a-time long hair short, i don't think that i have ever managed to let my hair grow for longer than a few months (a year at most). as my "top knot" grows longer, i am starting to tire of the maintenance (particularly the drying). i am very definitely a low maintenance gal when it comes to anything having to do with my look. i just thought that i would put my "hair thoughts" out there. when it comes to hair, i have been known to act on the spur of a moment. i wouldn't want to shock.

i am wearing the alpen top and the tokyo hat by kaliyana. i am also wearing a dress and trousers by grizas and a pullover by rundholz (black label). my boots are the noon boot (box collection) by trippen.


Sue said...

The very best thing about hair is it GROWS! So go for the buzz cut. I have had very long and very short hair. At the moment I am breaking all those when you are a certain age rules by letting it grow long again. I like being able to wear it up so it is short or just let it dangle about. I do like the hat you are wearing, buzz cut or not the hat is fabulous!

wardrobetales said...

thanks, sue. the main reason that i grew my hair out to the style that i currently wear is that i wanted the option to have long (in the only way that i could stand it) while still retaining the short option.