Friday, January 30, 2015

grey flannel pullover sweater

yep, here it is ... again. the warmest sweater ever. this sweater is definitely keeping me "sane" this winter. which brings to a commentary on the winter-friendliness of my current style. i am ready to admit that my "old" style (the one i sported before kaliyana and rundholz came into my life and became the primary sources of my wardrobe) was more winter-friendly than my current style. layering a down vest over two sweaters over a dress worn with a petticoat and skinny jeans (see here) (or layering a down vest over a jacket over a sweater over a shirt worn with a skirt over skinny jeans (see here)), plus the heavy wool socks and shearling lined bean boots, kept me toasty warm in ways that my current layering, with my unlined, albeit lovely, trippens, does not. a simple solution would be to go back to my "old" style come winter. the problem is that i really like my current style. i am comfortable with it. really comfortable with it. right now i don't want to go back to the "old" style, not even just for winter. my "old" style worked when i wore it. now my current style works. i guess that i will have to figure something out (maybe i could wear the abominable snowman coat inside and out ... ?).

i am wearing the alpen top and the tokyo hat by kaliyana. i am also wearing a jumper dress and trousers by grizas and a pullover sweater by rundholz (black label). my boots are the noon boot (box collection) by trippen.


Anonymous said...

I love your look but wonder if this is everyday wear? Do you work in a creative field?

Sue said...

I for one love your style!! I really enjoyed going back to the links to your 'old' style, which I might add was very cool also.

sbmal said...

Just discovered your blog. I like how you own your style. I'll be following your posts and be amazed.

A Moyuru friend/fiend,

wardrobetales said...

anonymous: yes, the outfits that you see me wearing on the blog are the outfits that i wear on a daily basis. i have a few jobs, including a creative one and a corporate one (in a non-profit, non-government organization). in my "corporate work life", about as corporate as my look gets is when i am wearing melow.