Tuesday, January 20, 2015

because one is sometimes not enough sweater

when i was trying out in the store the grey pullover sweater featured in the last three posts, another customer was trying out a black version of the sweater. the black version of the sweater hadn't been on any rack in the store -- it appeared from the "back of the store" -- and no one informed me (me the lover of all clothes black) of its existence. of course i eyed the black sweater with longing, notwithstanding that i was pretty happy with the grey one that i was trying out. the black sweater came off the other customer and was handed back to the shop clerk. i waited a suitable amount of time (at least i hope i did, otherwise i might have appeared a bit of a clothes vulture) before i asked to try it on. when it came time to decide which to buy -- the grey or the black sweater -- i couldn't help but settle on both. sometimes one of something great is just not enough. given how cold it turned after i bought the two sweaters, and given how much comfort against the cold the sweaters give, i am grateful for the decision i made.

i am wearing the alpen top and the tokyo hat by kaliyana. i am also wearing a dress and trousers by grizas and a pullover sweater by rundholz (black label). my boots are the rectangle boot (closed collection) by trippen.

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