Monday, December 29, 2014

the secret wardrobe life of wardrobetales no. 3 (rundholz edition)

i love rundholz. since i started wearing it (about a year ago, when i purchased my first piece of rundholz clothing -- a pullover), the hardest thing has been deciding which pieces from each collection (of those available to me) i should add to my growing rundholz wardrobe. the current autumn/winter collection is only the second collection that has received my full attention. i am hoping that it will get easier to choose with each new collection, but i suspect that it will actually get more difficult.

i am wearing rundholz (rundholz, dip and/or black label). my footwear is also rundholz (black label).


Hairless Fasionista said...

What fun visiting on your blog! I do like your stile.

wardrobetales said...

thank you, hairless fasionista.