Saturday, November 22, 2014

it just snuck up on me sweater dress

maybe it was because i had been preoccupied with one particular thing since the beginning of september that i didn't notice how winter weather had been slowly creeping up on me. all i know is, one day, i woke up and there it was: sweater weather. hat weather. fireplace weather. huddling under woollen throws while watching tv weather. double wool blankets on the bed weather. and maybe it was because i was still preoccupied with that one particular thing that i had been preoccupied with since the beginning of september that when i did wake up that one day and discovered that winter weather had arrived that it had no impact on me. i wasn't happy. i wasn't sad. i was nothing. i just put on the sweater and hat and continued on my way. (p.s. thanks to the kaliyana stylist(s) for the outfit. given my zombie state of moving through the days (and nights), i am not sure that i would have known which sweater and hat to put on.)

i am wearing a skirt, the delphi scarf, the tokyo hat and the left bank jacket by kaliyana. my sweater dress is rundholz black label. i am wearing the onion boot (closed collection) by trippen.


Sue said...

As your weather is cooling down ours is heating up. You do look incredibly warm.

wardrobetales said...

thanks, sue. i have lived my entire life in places where it has gotten cold at this time of year. it would certainly be an experience for me to switch it up. something for me to think about for the future!