Friday, August 8, 2014

the i got up late but still made it to practice on time (relatively speaking -- i arrived ten minutes later than usual which was still ten minutes before the scheduled start of practice) but the studio was locked because someone forgot to put the key in the lockbox which resulted in practice starting and ending later than usual and then i had to wait longer than usual for the streetcar to take me to work which resulted in me being late for work jumper dress

enough said.

i am wearing a jumper dress by motion and a cardigan by skif. my dhoti pants are many years old (purchased from a shop selling clothes from india that used to be near my yoga studio but is now long gone). my boots are many, many years old (purchased from an army surplus store that i haven't visited in just as many years -- so, for all i know, it, like the shop where i got the dhoti pants, may now be long gone).

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Sue said...

I love what you wear. I am intrigued at what you do, as you said you were late for practice. I imagine something quite creative!