Thursday, August 7, 2014

some like it warm pullover

i think it is time that i admit that i cannot be label monogamous*. no matter how much i would like to be**. recently, i was wondering how i can accommodate my several label loves. what i have come up with is this: alternating between the principal label love and the secondary label loves. one week principal label love and the next week a secondary label love (or two) (or three). and so on***.

*just like i cannot be a minimalist when it comes to interior design.

**i also aspire to minimalism in interior design. i keep telling myself that all i need is a bigger space in which to live and that small spaces (i live in a small space) are not conducive to minimalism. one needs some stuff for living and, assuming the amount of stuff remains constant (i am capable of keeping the amount of stuff constant), the bigger the space in which to store stuff, the better the chances of that space appearing/being minimalist (or stuff-free).

***or, maybe, being a proponent of going with the flow, i can just go with the flow.

i am wearing a dress and jacket by olio organics. i am also wearing a pullover by rundholz black label. my shoes are the montana shoe by birkenstock.

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