Sunday, July 20, 2014

on a whim skirt

secretly, i think that i do take pride in following trends by not following them ... or following them but in my own "off the beaten path" way. take the birkenstock arizona trend, for example. i have interpreted this trend to mean that i should wear the most unusual (by mainstream standards) birkenstocks that i can find. like the athen* (worn on my feet a few posts ago). or the montana (worn here). (i can't wait until my dundees and/or my priens arrive! in the meantime, i am looking forward to wearing my maines!)

*i nearly fell off my chair when i saw these on the runway recently -- the sacai men's collection for s/s 2015. what gives? hands off my birks!

i am wearing a pullover, dress and skirt by rundholz black label. my shoes are the montana shoe by birkenstock.

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