Friday, June 27, 2014

getting settled in dress

these days i am into really getting a feel for a central garment* before i give it up and move on to another one. i want to own it ... in more ways than just the obvious one (i.e., purchasing and bringing it home from a store). this means wearing it more than once in a while. i love doing this. it feels like i am building on something, like i am developing a look, an expression, rather than just trying one thing for brief moment before rushing on to the next thing, sampling**.

*a "central garment" is a piece of clothing around which i build an outfit ... or two ... or three ... etc.

**not that there is anything wrong with sampling clothing. it can be quite fun.

i am wearing a dress by rundholz rundholz*dip and a pullover by rundholz black label. my shoes are the keith shoe (idol family) by john fluevog.

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