Monday, June 23, 2014

an enlightening moment top

when i was putting together this outfit, i was disappointed that i didn't have a black 3d skirt. i felt that i needed more black on the bottom to balance out the black on top.  with no black 3d skirt, i convinced myself that i didn't need a black 3d skirt. i told myself that the black top was a piece that i would only wear while i was in transit between buildings. once inside, where it would really matter (because it is only inside that people would see me), i would be a monochromatic vision ... of a colour* (no better way to showcase a colour i told myself). by the end of day**, my self-brainwashing had worked and i was no longer disappointed that i didn't have a black 3d skirt. which was when i remembered that i had a black 3d skirt. that's the way things go in my wardrobe life ... sometimes.

*admittedly, lately, i have been nothing but a monochromatic vision ... of black.

**as it turned out, the black top never left my body, no matter that i was outside or in. i never managed to be a monochromatic vision ... of a colour. it didn't matter, though. my imagination was more real than reality.

i am wearing the l/s meteor top, the modena top and the 3d skirt by kaliyana. my boots are the pluto boot (closed collection) by trippen.

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