Friday, April 11, 2014

a few small tweaks cardi

i don't think that i have ever voluntarily jumped into the deep end of the swimming pool that is life. my usual approach has been to dip a toe in, to test the waters, and, if that proved to be satisfactory, to slip slowly into the shallow end and do the front crawl (head above water of course) out to the deep end. i have been wondering if maybe i should give voluntarily jumping into the deep end a go, at least once. but with what i have in mind -- yes, it has something to do with clothes -- maybe its too late for that. maybe i am already in the pool and on the way to the deep end. could (should?) i get out of the pool only to get back in ... right in the deep end? should i just keep crawling (head above water) out to the deep end?

i am wearing the action top, the positano skirt and the tokyo hat (all a/w 2013) by kaliyana. my cardi is by lauren vidal (a/w 2013) via kaliyana. i am wearing the rectangle boot (closed collection) by trippen. 

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