Monday, August 19, 2013

how nice would it be if this skirt came in a heavy cotton jersey skirt

when i was putting on this tunnel skirt in summer weight cotton, i thought how nice it would be if this autumn/winter the skirt was available in a heavy cotton jersey. i left the thought at that ... a thought. later that day what should i find out? that this autumn/winter the tunnel skirt will be available in a heavy cotton jersey (in fact, that the skirt is right this very moment available in a heavy cotton jersey). of course, what should follow but all sorts of ruminations about whether my thought manifested reality or whether reality somehow forced my thoughts and why my experiences of positive coincidences can't be  more, well, substantial. all philosophical ruminations aside, i guess i will get my "wish" of having this tunnel skirt in a heavy cotton jersey (assuming, of course, i am quick enough off the mark).

i am wearing the mykonos top (s/s corfu collection), modena top (s/s monterey collection), river jacket (a/w lausanne collection) and tunnel skirt (s/s corfu collection) by kaliyana. my boots are the cylinder boot by trippen (box collection). 

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