Saturday, January 12, 2013

cable cars pullover

the look:

pullover - old zara
dress and gloves - old h&m
skirt - old gap
trousers - hue
coat - old gloverall x hbc
hat - old lillie and cohoe
boots - old john fluevog

the tale:

the other day, i was on the streetcar, making my way to yoga practice. i happened to be sitting right at the front of the streetcar, which gave me a great view of everyone getting on. people kept getting on with such awesome classic outfits. and every time a person got on wearing an awesome classic outfit, i would say to myself something along the lines of: "what a cool outfit. i really like that combination of ....". one person got on wearing black skinny jeans, worn, with a cream fisher knit pullover under a black leather motorcycle jacket, worn. "i like it," i said to myself. another person got on wearing black skinny jeans, dark rinse black skinny jeans this time, not worn, with a black hoodie, the hood covering the head, a black parka with a nipped in waist and black doc martens, well worn. "oooh. that looks so good," i said to myself. And so on and so forth. it wasn't a long journey, but it was certainly an enjoyable one.

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Jessica said...

I do this, too.