Tuesday, December 4, 2012

something new jacket

the look:

turtleneck - old, random label
sweater dress - susan harris design
jacket and skirt - melow by melissa bolduc
coat - old kensie
scarf - old h&m
hat - old lillie & cohoe
boots - trippen

the tale:

still reaching for the skirt and sweater dress in the mornings. in fact, if truth be told, since i acquired them, the skirt and sweater dress haven't made it into my closet yet. so the morning reach isn't really much of a stretch. it is usually at this stage in the wearing of new clothes that i start thinking about getting more of the same -- another skirt like this (is it available in another colour?) and another sweater dress like this (i know that it is available -- or, at least, was available -- in other "sweater combinations). do i resist or do i succumb to the desire? the opportunity to succumb is just around the corner.

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