Thursday, November 1, 2012

out of steam boots

the look:

tshirt and wrap top - old lululemon
dress and tunic - kaliyana
cardi - old kaliyana
coat - old kensie
scarf and hand warmers - old h&m
hat - old nine west
boots - trippen

the tale:

in the past, when i was hunting for a piece of clothing or an accessory, i was relentless. i would go to the ends of earth in search for what i wanted. i left no stone unturned. it seems like this past me is just that, a past me. today, i began a hunt for chartreuse coloured tights. about a half an hour into the hunt, i felt the air going out of my tires. i began to lose steam. all i could think of was the chartreuse coloured tights that i used to have and that i let go of (when i thought that i would never wear colour again) and how i would never ever again be able to find chartreuse coloured tights. the hunt seemed a waste of time. a failure waiting to happen. so i gave up. and i am giving up. the outfit for which i need the chartreuse coloured tights can wait. however long it takes.

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