Wednesday, October 17, 2012

lifelong learning vest

the look:

tshirt - old gap
cardi - old lululemon
dress - old zara
vest - kaliyana
leggings - old old navy
cap - old
boots - john fluevog

the tale:

i envy those who know their style and are able to express it through their outfits every single day (and i mean every single day). i don't know what my problem is. do i not know my style? (i think that i do.) or is it the case that i don't know how to put my style into practice. every time that i think i finally got it, i realize that i don't. this seems to occur particularly when i discover a new label and try to channel my style exclusively through the label or try to incorporate the label into my existing wardrobe. i suppose that i could deal with this problem by not exploring labels or refusing to let new labels into my wardrobe life. but i suspect that i would still hit bumps in the road of expressing my style through clothes. sigh. i suppose i should just accept that i won't stop learning how to express to my satisfaction my style though clothes until i stop breathing.

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