Monday, October 8, 2012

bear hug jacket

the look:

tshirt - old gap
dress - old h&m
cardi and top - old lululemon
jacket - lululemon
pants - old american apparel
cap - old
boots - john fluevog

the tale:

when i tried on this jacket in the store, the shop clerk asked whether wearing it didn't feel like a great big bear hug. so true! this feeling was one reason why i bought the jacket. the second reason why i bought the jacket? i liked the way it looked. i am so glad that lululemon has returned to creating interesting looking clothes. i, like many others, am a lulu addict because i like the comfort of the clothes. but i, unlike many others, am not so keen on the lulu staples for everyday wear (i can see wearing the staples in the yoga studio -- or while at the gym or on a run or on a ride -- or if you are an instructor spending your day rushing from one class/session to another -- but aside from that, i don't fancy looking like i am at all times ready to "drop down and give me ten"). lulu has so much to offer in the way of post- or pre-workout clothing, why wouldn't anyone, who loves lulu for a workout, not partake of these offerings for the rest of the time?

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