Friday, August 3, 2012

let the long weekend begin ... dhoti pants

the look:

top - old gap
dhoti pants - lululemon
jacket - old anthropologie
cap - old
boots - old, from a local army surplus store

the tale:

here i am. wearing an outfit that i wore some weeks ago to the day. the outfit includes a pair of favourite dhoti pants. these happen to be from lululemon. and in (at least?) one particular lululemon location in my home city can now be found marked down. i couldn't really help myself, when i discovered the mark down, but to buy a second pair of these dhoti pants in oatmeal. a bit of a risk, as oatmeal doesn't always work for me. but there is a particular infinity cardi that i think will work perfectly with them. and they might also work with one or another of my fisherman's sweaters ... into the fall ... with some dark brown ankle boots. then there is my oatmeal plaid shirt. maybe i could throw on a tie, a fairisle open cardi and some dark brown ankle boots. who knows? then again maybe they will be an utter and complete flop (optimism isn't my strong suit). but then again ... (i am working on my optimism).

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