Thursday, June 14, 2012

a touch of the nautical shoes

the look:

top and skirts - kaliyana
jacket - old zara
hat - old nine west
shoes - old jump

the tale:

(i am not sure why i think "nautical" when i consider the shoes that i wore today, but i do.) you know how, sometimes, you are advised just to trust your instincts? lately, this advice just keeps coming back to me, as, time after time, instinctive purchases (old and new) are turning out to be some of my best purchases.  the "nautical" shoes are one such purchase. hearing the advice and being reminded of it time and again are one thing. heeding the advice is another thing. i am trying. the difficulty for me: recognizing when my instincts are speaking to me and when my conscious mind is speaking to me, trying to override my instincts.

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