Friday, June 1, 2012

practice makes perfect dress

the look:

dress and drop crotch pants (worn underneath dress) - melow by melissa bolduc
tshirt - old gap
pullover - old jacob
beret - old american apparel
raincoat - lululemon
wellies - old hunter

the tale:

it was an interesting dressing day. i started out wearing something different, which was put together so deliberately and thoughtfully. one of my problems with getting dressed is that i can't focus on the day that i have to dress for. i get easily distracted by my clothes and spend a lot of time thinking up outfits that, for one reason or another, won't work for the day i am supposed to be dressing for: "oh, that would be perfect ... for a warm, dry day. how awful that today isn't that day: it's pouring out. oh, and that would be perfect for a early, winter day. but that's not today either." and on and on it goes. eventually i figure out something to wear. but so much time gets wasted. today, i tried something different. i tried (and succeeded) pulling out only clothes appropriate for today. i completely ignored all the clothes not appropriate for today. from the clothes i pulled, i managed to craft an outfit, with which i was completely happy. for about three hours. then i changed outfits. in putting the second outfit together, i did not go through the same exercise that i did with the first outfit. which means that it involved many detours and took close to an hour for the second outfit to come together. such waste. i will try again tomorrow. i just need to practise ... and practise ... and practise.

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