Thursday, May 31, 2012

plenty of pockets skirt

the look:

top and skirts - kaliyana
cardi - old zara
beret - old american apparel
chelsea boots - cydwoq

the tale:

one of the fabulous things about the so called fab skirt (the top one) is its versatility. with buttons along the inside and outside of the hem, and buttonholes halfway up the skirt, it is possible to make many different skirts out of the one skirt. i have worn the fab skirt four different ways now. i have yet to settle on a favourite way of wearing it -- it is possible that i won't be able to settle on one. such versatility makes it easier for me to limit myself mostly to wearing the clothing of one designer, which is ultimately where i want to end up -- i am not there yet. (some inspiring bloggers who wear mostly the clothing of one designer also help. as i said, i am not there yet, but i am working on it in earnest. i have already experienced feelings of liberation. i can only imagine how i will feel when i finally arrive at my destination.)


Jessica said...

Wow! The idea of wearing only one designer certainly sounds interesting. But what would be the impetus for abandoning all the clothing of a similar aesthetic, but by different designers, which one already has? And even of abstaining from partaking of the the work of other designers in the future, if it should go with the chosen aesthetic? Also, how can one be sure that the current stage is going to be so long-lived, that nothing not pertaining to it should be retained? Very interesting, I wonder how this will evolve!

wardrobetales said...

jessica: all very good questions. at some deep level, i think i have been struggling with these questions and many other similar ones perhaps since i committed to wearing the work of a single designer (which turned into a commitment to limit myself to three labels and not mixing them). i think i am on the cusp of an evolution.