Wednesday, May 30, 2012

the heat is off dress

the look:

blouse - old urban renewal by uo
tie - old gap
cardi - uo
dress - melow by melissa bolduc
skirt - kaliyana
beret - old american apparel
boots - old john fluevog

the tale:

after a couple of days of unseasonably hot weather, my home city has returned to seasonable temperatures. cue sigh of relief. don't get me wrong, i don't dislike the heat (even if it dislikes me -- how good am i?). it's just that it is downright scary to have july weather in may. not that i am naive enough to think that a return to seasonable temperatures means that all is right with the world. but moving on to the subject of this blog -- i.e., wardrobe -- i have returned to that "colour" pairing that i was discussing a day or so ago -- ecru and black. for about a half hour this morning, i was all set to wear head to toe black. but throughout that entire period of time, this ecru and black outfit kept niggling at me. finally i caved and put it on. cue sigh of relief. to be honest, i can't be sure whether the relief was due to wearing ecru and black or to wearing something that was a tad more buttoned up than the black outfit that i was going to wear. (for that matter i can't be sure whether the relief i feel with the return of seasonable weather isn't due to the fact that such weather enables me to wear outfits that are more buttoned up.) but now that i am thinking about it, who cares why i feel relief! i just feel good in my second skin. that's all that matters.

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