Wednesday, May 16, 2012

darkness meets darkness skirts

the look:

polo shirt - old old navy
top and skirts - kaliyana
beret - old american apparel
chelsea boots - cydwoq

the tale:

the rain had just started to fall as i was walking to the subway station on my way to work this morning. i had listened to the weather forecast calling for rain earlier in the morning, so i was ready for rain. in expectation of it, i had thrown on my raincoat before heading out of the house -- i think i have said before how i prefer raincoats to umbrellas. when the rain did start to fall, i put the hood of the raincoat up and continued to walk. a hooded dark figure. at some point on my journey, i looked up and caught sight of a hooded dark figure walking towards me. we passed and, probably for reasons unknown to both of us, glanced at each other for a brief moment. two hooded dark figures passing in the morning. darkness meeting darkness.

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