Wednesday, April 18, 2012

coincidences pullover

the look:

shirt and skirt - old gap
dress - old h&m
pullover - zara
coat - old kensie
scarf and hand warmers - h&m
beret - old american apparel
oxfords - old john fluevog

the tale:

i am not sure what i wanted to wear more, the sweater or the shoes. it really doesn't matter, because, deep inside, i knew that, if i wore one, i would have to wear the other.  they match each other so perfectly. wearing one, but not the other, that would never do. so you can't imagine how happy i was when i woke up to the voices on the radio telling me that it was a bright but brisk morning -- minus two degrees celsius with a wind chill of minus five degrees celsius. in my bed, i did a little happy dance. i could wear the sweater ... and the shoes. the rest of the outfit, well, that is just sheer laziness on my part. (and, in case there is any question, the pullover came into my life well before that video. but i will confess that the video did play a role in my wanting to wear the sweater -- i'm human.)

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