Thursday, March 15, 2012

not a windbreaker (or any other kind of breaker) coat

the look:

dress - jcrew factory
vest - old h&m
coat - h&m
beret - old american apparel
boots - john fluevog
bag - old lululemon

the tale:

some outfits remind me of the beauty of simplicity.  this outfit is one of them.  it hails from the days before i returned to wearing black clothing head to toe.  i tried wearing the dress with many other layers atop it, but i think i like wearing it in this simple manner the best.

p.s. i suppose since i mentioned the coat in the title of the post i should say something about it in the post.  it is incredibly light.  and i don't mean light just in the sense of its weight.  i also mean light in the sense of offering very little insulation and other protection from the elements.  today, i decided to believe the meteorologists when they said that it was going to be twenty-one degrees celsius and wore this light coat.  boy was i sorry.  i ended up being completely under-dressed and cold on my way home from work.

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