Thursday, March 22, 2012

internet blackout jumper dress

the look:

polo top - old eddie bauer
jumper dress - old (from a local arts and crafts import shop)
sweater - old jacob
jacket - old anthropologie
beret - old american apparel
boots - marsell
coat - h&m

the tale:

argh.  it hasn't been an easy week.  the weather has been glorious: sunny and above-average warm.  very much like late summer/early fall, my favourite time of year.  unfortunately, the glorious weather has made it hot inside my home.  and, try as i might to cool it down, naturally (not enough windows in my place) and artificially (something about a cooling tower not working), i haven't been very successful to date.  so sleep has been elusive.  and, then, there have been the migraines.  wicked beasts.  but, until yesterday, i was managing.  for i had my passion for fashion to take my weary and sore mind off the heat, my fatigue and my pain.  on wednesday, my internet went down.  print media was all that there was available to me.  sadly, i have let that side of things go a little, in favour of the internet, so there wasn't that much to inspire and feed my hunger for fashion.  (and to take my weary and sore mind off the heat, my fatigue and my pain.)  argh.

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