Saturday, March 10, 2012

casual day hoodie

the look:

blouse and vest - american apparel
dress - old h&m
wrap open cardi - old lululemon
hoodie and beanie - roots
hand warmers - h&m
socks - old ck
boots - john fluevog

the tale:

sometimes, sweats look like sweats.  sometimes, sweats don't look like sweats.  i like both kinds of sweats.  unfortunately, the first kind of sweats -- those that look like sweats -- don't like me.  lucky for me there are now many more sweats that don't look like sweats.  for they like me, as much as i like them.

p.s. today, winter persisted.  so i wore my parka (although i spared the blog another photo of me wearing the parka).  tomorrow, spring is supposed to be putting in an appearance.  and hanging around for a couple of days.  for me, winter is way easier to dress for.  i expect the next couple of days will be clothing chaos for me.  this too shall pass.  i don't seem to be comfortable with any kind of transition.

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