Sunday, March 11, 2012

black leather jacket

the look:

jacket - old danier

the tale:

lately, i have taken to wearing the same one outfit on the weekend (although not the same outfit every weekend).  as another blogger, who recently confessed to wearing the same thing on more than two consecutive days, said: "not to worry, i do change my underwear, i bathe everyday and i don't sleep in the outfit."  although i wore the same thing yesterday and today, this sameness didn't extend to outerwear.  yesterday was a parka day -- it was really cold.  today was not a parka day -- it was mild, some thirty degrees (celsius) warmer than yesterday.  today, i wore my one and only black leather jacket, purchased a few years ago.  putting it on, i decided that i like the way it looks on me when it is unzipped.  this lead me to thinking how some coats and jackets just look better on one undone rather than done up.  sadly, it isn't always possible to wear a coat or jacket undone, particularly when one never does one's daily travels by car.  lucky for me, the black leather jacket has a snap placed in exactly the right spot, so i can sort of do it up and leave it undone at the same time.  i wonder if the snap was deliberately placed with that in mind?

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