Tuesday, March 6, 2012

backbone cardi

the look:

pullover - old jacob
long dress - american apparel
short dress - zara
cardi - from a local arts and crafts import shop
hat - lillie & cohoe
boots - doc martens
parka - old canada goose
scarf - old h&m

the tale:

i bought a beanie hat today.  it was something that i forgot to get yesterday when i was shopping for some "sweats" clothing.  i saw it but didn't get it.  when i was some distance from the shop, i thought, "i should have gotten the beanie hat too."  i promise no sweat pants were acquired.  just a open cardi with a hood (an open cardi hoodie?) and a button-up cardi with a hood.  spring-like weather is being called for for tomorrow.  if it comes to pass, i will wear some of this sweats clothing.  and the beanie hat.

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