Thursday, February 9, 2012

Snape's Jacket (Part II)

The look:

pullover - old Jacob
skirt - old Eddie Bauer
suspenders - old H&M
jacket - old Zara
hand warmers - H&M
parka - old Canada Goose
scarf - old H&M
beret - old
boots - Marsell

The tale:

I bought a neat umbrella today, full-size, not collapsible, for a mere eight bucks.  What makes it neat?  From the outside, it looks like it is made of black garbage bags.  Open it up and a black on black leopard print is revealed on the inside.  I suppose not everyone might think that an umbrella that looks like it is made of black garbage bags is neat, but I do.  My umbrellas don't usually make their way on to this blog -- I think that only two umbrellas have shown up, each putting in one solitary appearance.  Of course I have never had a black garbage bag umbrella.  Maybe this one merits some extra effort on my part to show it off at some point.

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